Friday, 24 October 2014


I have been tossing the idea of blogging around for quite some time.   To be honest, I am no poet and definitely not a writer.  I guess we can call this self therapy, trying to figure out if I can get this whole parenthood thing right eventually and share my own stories of success and failure as a man, son, dad, husband, small business owner and of course, a father.  Please do not judge me by my writing to start.  Hopefully you can stick with me and hopefully we can share a few laughs and I can avoid going to a shrink for now.  Having three children, I really cannot afford another expense right now!

Let me start by telling you I am on marriage number 2. Well, at least I hope we get married one day!  I have two teens from my first marriage and a soon to be 2 year old with my current spouse.  Although I didn't get things right with my first wife we do have 2 wonderful children together.  Well, wonderful most of the time.

My current spouse and I have a soon to be 2 year old.  We were very happy to welcome him into our lives but I learned quite quickly that having a child at the age of 45 can be a whole different bucketful of challenges.

I will be sharing little tidbits and stories from my everyday life.  Let me know what you think!

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